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Gas Engineer vs Heating Engineer vs Plumber

Do you require the services of an engineer? but aren't sure which one you'll need. Plumbers, heating engineers, and gas engineers are all distinct occupations but get confused for as long as anybody can remember. On the surface, they appear to be the same to the untrained eye... Hiring a plumber to inspect your boiler, on the other hand, is almost always a bad idea because most plumbers who advertise as such are not legally allowed to undertake gas work unless they are Gas Safe Registered.

Call VFR Plumbing, Heating & Gas at 07957 479 456 if you require a Gas Safe registered gas & heating engineer in Kent. Our gas engineers install, service, and repair boilers throughout Kent, including the towns of Canterbury, Dover, and Folkestone.

Gas Engineers   

To begin, Gas engineers work with gas appliances and anything related to gas, such as boiler installations, servicing, and repairs.  Some gas engineers are only licenced to work with gas metres, while others are licenced to work with all sorts of gas equipment! 

Now...one of the key differences that set gas engineers apart from other engineers. Is that all gas engineers must be registered with the Gas Safe Register on an annual basis! This is a legal necessity when working in the United Kingdom; when employing a gas engineer, be sure to ask for their information upfront; a registered engineer will have their Gas Safe ID card on them, which you can then enter on the Gas Safe Register online.


The role of a plumber should be straightforward; nonetheless, many people are confused by the fact that plumbers cannot touch a boiler unless they are Gas Safe registered. Plumbers, handle everything you'd expect them to do in a plumbing system: piping, installation and maintenance of potable (drinking) water, sewage, and drainage systems.

Heating Engineers 

Heating engineers typically collaborate with gas engineers to do as much work on a heating system that does not use gas as possible. Heating engineers typically hold an NVQ or equivalent, which is the next level of schooling following a plumber. It's vital to keep in mind that a heating engineer may also be a plumber, which is quite common. Heating engineers are increasingly enrolling on the Gas Safe Register, making the word interchangeable with gas engineers and even more ambiguous.

Do you need the services of a qualified heating or gas engineer? Our gas safe engineers install and repair a wide range of energy-saving boilers and heating systems throughout Kent including Dover, Folkestone, and Canterbury. Please contact us by phone at 07957 479 456 or by filling out our online form.