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Your Complete Guide To Boiler Installations

Installation of a new boiler can be an expensive and frustrating endeavour, especially if you are without water or heat during the winter. Our heating engineers at VFR Plumbing, Heating & Gas are here to simplify boiler installations. Our boiler installation guide covers all of your questions.

Contact our Dover gas engineers if you require a new boiler installation. Contact our gas engineers at 07957 479 456 for boiler installation services in Kent, encompassing Folkestone, Dover, and Canterbury.

Boiler Installations in Folkestone, Dover, Canterbury

Finding an Installer  

We recommend contacting at least three boiler installers to discuss your home's heating and hot water requirements, as installer costs and diagnosis may differ. Your gas engineer will determine if a simple replacement boiler is the best option for you or if there is a superior alternative. 

Your boiler installer will also explain the available control systems and provide recommendations based on the features you select, as well as any additional features such as smart functionality, weather compensation, and load compensation.

Obtaining a boiler quote 

Your boiler installer will provide you with a price for supplying and installing the boiler, which should include the following services: 

 Heating system power flushing 

 Temperature Controls 

 Any system modifications that may be required 

The entire cost of the boiler and installation will be influenced by the type of boiler, system, and placement in your home. If you need help deciding which boiler to buy, please contact us using the information provided below.

On the day your boiler is installed

Depending on the complexity of the job, a boiler installation typically takes 1-3 days to complete. Most basic like-for-like exchanges, on the other hand, can be completed in a single day. The installation method and duration will then be determined by your requirements. Some of the processes your boiler installer may perform when installing your new boiler are as follows:

 Removal of your previous boiler 

 Flush or clean your heating system 

 Any upgrades or changes to pipework 

 Fitting the new boiler 

 Any additional accessories 

 Commissioning of the system 

 The handover where your gas engineer will give you all the information you need for your new heating system 


Are you interested in learning more about our boiler installations? 

Our Gas Safe gas engineers service Kent, including Dover, Canterbury, and Folkestone, with boiler installations and are happy to offer expert advice! If you need a heating engineer in Dover, Canterbury, or Folkestone, please call us at 07957 479 456 or use our contact form.