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Tips on how to maintain your boiler this Spring [NEW]

Have you considered giving your boiler a thorough check, especially after working extremely hard after the winter? This is something that is frequently forgotten, yet it is critical to be aware of. If you haven't observed any severe problems, it doesn't mean you shouldn't inspect your boiler to help prevent any issues from occurring.

boiler maintenance in spring

Boiler Maintenance Checks in Spring 

Look out for leaks 

Boilers often experience leaks and often do so when you are completely unprepared. Unfortunately, if it's been a very cold winter, pipes are more likely to freeze and expand. When they are thawed, this pulls them out of alignment, causing them to split open. 

You can get a better idea of whether the pieces are still in position and firmly attached if you check the seals around the edges of the boiler. Our heating engineers also recommend keeping an eye out for any drips; even a minor leak will require attention from a qualified professional. 

Check for blockages

There may be a chance that your boiler has blockages without even noticing it. When the central heating is turned on, a blockage clears out rapidly. This is a rather common occurrence, especially in early spring, when you either won't be able to obtain any heat or the heat won't be what you expected.

Reducing the temperature

Turning down the temperature on your thermostat, even by 1 degree can help reduce your overall energy bills. This is ideal because the temperature starts to get warmer during the Spring and with more sunlight entering your home, it can help keep your home warmer whilst keeping the costs down. 

Get it serviced

Servicing your boiler is the best way to ensure there is nothing wrong with your boiler. When you hire a Gas Safe registered engineer, they will thoroughly test and inspect your boiler to make sure there are no issues with it. If any issues are found, they will make sure to fix your boiler as soon as they can so it does not cause any further problems. 

Speak to a heating engineer

Our heating engineers are available throughout Folkestone, Dover and Canterbury and you can contact them on 07957 479 456. We offer a range of services, including boiler installations, boiler repairs and boiler servicing!